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Valentine's Day Busts by Skirtzzz Valentine's Day Busts by Skirtzzz
Finally got the compilation together from the Valentine's sale! *phwew* 
(Full view looks much nicer)

From left to right-
:bulletpink: coffaefox Felix and Maria (portraits)  
:bulletpink: HarrisonGrey Maiz- a corn themed Luchadora (OC)
:bulletpink: doodle-book Laylan, Lucayn, and Rothan (OCs)
:bulletpink: TMNT-Raph-fan Abby, a Hellboy OC
:bulletpink: Velums A firebird guy (OC)
:bulletpink: BassOkamii Couple portraits
:bulletpink: theultimateasian Phee and Abel (OCs)
:bulletpink: JinxedProvidence WoW Dark Elf Rogue (OC), Draenai couple (OCs), and Carmen Sandiego
:bulletpink: hyphen8or Moira. A Gajinka of a 2013 Chevy Sonic
:bulletpink: Tayaspirits Taya (OC)
:bulletpink: WritingRin Shinrai (OC)
:bulletpink: AsakuraMei Jacklyn Heart (OC)
:bulletpink: DoctorRocket Rocket from Sucker Punch
:bulletpink: ratravarman Jolee Blon (portrait) 
:bulletpink: relamtsa OC
:bulletpink: SirSilverwind Simon and Alison (OCs)
:bulletpink: teekyo OC
:bulletpink: TheNightsIllusion OCs
:bulletpink: elenxji Fem Lucy (OC)
:bulletpink: CheshireCatSmile37 Madii, WoW Draneai Hunter (OC)
:bulletpink: MorriLeFay FF14 White Mage (original design) and Star Trek Online Romulan (OCs)
:bulletpink: BiZria Bubblegum Princess- Adventure Time (Her original retro cosplay design)
:bulletpink: Comixbookgurl Portrait
:bulletpink: TroikAnia Vharizhaesa, a Satyr/Dryad (OC)
:bulletpink: Decapitated-Kittens Oswin (OC)
:bulletpink: miudream Mimi (OC)
:bulletpink: alighting Portraits
:bulletpink: XCrimsonPandaX Couple portrait
:bulletpink: AlimusPrime Napalm Princess (OC)
:bulletpink: Miss-Bow Cheri Lapin (OC)
:bulletpink: Smiley1starrs Portrait 
:bulletpink: Balin84 OC
:bulletpink: JirugaOfSmilez Tildae- Homestuck (OC)
:bulletpink: Portrait for a friend
:bulletpink: geekgirl8 Kenneth (OC)
:bulletpink: Wallicat Geldin (OC)


I'm not very active here anymore!
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March 17, 2014
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