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Throw the Eggs by Skirtzzz Throw the Eggs by Skirtzzz
Ah yes. Back when I was a little tyke, sitting at home with my Super Nintendo- I recall this to be one of my very first boss fights! Birdo, I also can't forget the Giant Beaver who stole DK's Bananas. I miss the old days. Defeating a boss required you do something to them three times. Life was so simple! Then again, when I think about it, the last time I played any of these games I SUCKED! How did I do it when I was 7? I was good! Now I can't get past the first level on Mario 2. SO SAD!

Something about giant dinosaurs that are pink with jewelry and wear a huge bow make me giggle- in this case, a nitty-girtty realistic T-Rex in said get-up. Then I threw in Mario and Peach and left them to divulge the plan of action.

"M-Mario! What do we DO?"
"Hold on Peach...I'll think of something..."


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January 30, 2009
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