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November 2, 2012
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Ronso Amelia and Marian by Skirtzzz Ronso Amelia and Marian by Skirtzzz
Just because I'm out of Dress Spheres doesn't mean I'm totally done with the series! *Evil Laugh*
There are plenty of Final Fantasy X/X-2 themed things I can play with :'3
(I can only hope they are good ideas, pff)

Disney has some gorgeous animal/anthro girls, Captain Amelia and Maid Marian, and the Ronso race from FFX is something I wanted to incorporate into this series (well, at least their fashion).
I checked out the concept art for the Ronso women and tried to transform Amelia and Marian's outfits accordingly.

Final Fantasy Ronso Race Reference

Check out the rest of the series here!

Ronso Race- Final Fantasy X/X-2
Captain Amelia- Treasure Planet (Disney)
Maid Marian- Robin Hood (Disney)
The outfit pattern is from here:…
Background Texture by ~Inthename-Stock

There have been a lot of people asking me if they can cosplay these designs, and the answer is YES! The only thing is I would appreciate credit and a link back to my gallery here, and I demand you show me all of the pictures so I can cry over them and die happily- that is all! Thank you so much!

I cause nonsense in more places than one-
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MysteriousFeathers Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
so cool
Skirtzzz Feb 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you kindly! :'3
MysteriousFeathers Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
u r so welcome Hug 
eee love these designs. I am making these as cosplays, Maid Marion for me and Amelia for a friend ^_^ will send pictures when done

the only changes so far to Amelia is I am using a black pattern on the blue (couldn't find one in white that I liked) 
Skirtzzz Jan 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!!! Oh my gosh! Really?? I haven't seen anybody cosplay those two yet <33333 I can't wait to see! :'D
hehe I just loved the designs<3 its for a group of your dresspheres for Kitacon at the end of march x3 (held in Birmingham, UK)

faux fur is so expensive T_T me being me I refuse to use neon coloured fun fur, I have used a mid pile (about an inch or so) deeper orange fur for the bulk of the body then for the tail I am using a really long pile (like 3 and half inches long) Mongolian faux fur. Also have prosthetic piece for the nose to elongate it rather then make a full head piece

if you want to follow my progress my fb page for both costumes is…

no progress as of yet (other then shppping), but each costume gets there own album on there. but over the next few weeks I will start uploading progress (currently have exams and deadlines with uni which will all be over after this week)
Skirtzzz Jan 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Oh awesome! I'll sub to your FB with my page- I'm excited to see your progress <3
I love the robin hood disney movie.
Skirtzzz Nov 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Same here :3
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