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Magus Sister Blue Fairy Redux by Skirtzzz Magus Sister Blue Fairy Redux by Skirtzzz
I've been blown away by girls all around the world cosplaying some of my Disney Dressphere designs, and I was absolutely delighted when ladyloss commissioned several reduxes of previous designs, which just so happened to be ones I wanted to try again! This time around I had more of a costume perspective and we swapped ideas back and fourth on what she'd like to make.
I left a lot of the armored pieces out and added more 1930's glamour, as requested. As well as lots and lots of sparkles! I tried to keep the insectoid armor Magus silhouette in the upper half, but also tried to come up with something more comfortable and easy to move in, such as turning the wings into a layered cape, and making the headpiece more elegant and less bulky.

Overall I'm partial to a combination of the new and the old- but I'm always like that XD I had a lot of fun working on this and think it fits the series- gosh, this means someday I have to redux Tink and the Fairy Godmother to match :'0

Here's the original:
Magus Sisters Tink, Blue Fairy, and Godmother by Skirtzzz

You can check out the entire Disney Dressphere series here!

Magus Sisters- Final Fantasy Series
Blue Fairy (Pinocchio)- Disney


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