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Bare Jessica by Skirtzzz Bare Jessica by Skirtzzz
Seeing as Jessica wasn't one to get too adventurous (outside of the bedroom at least...hurr), spare the boobie-traps, this is probably the only Disney girl who truly enjoys showing large amounts of skin- the Bare form seems to fit her.

I honestly didn't want to throw a snore into the series- and since the Bare form isn't very fun, aesthetically speaking, I spiced it up a tad- if anything, Mrs. Rabbit isn't one to be dull. So, it's probably much too fancy to be 'bare' anything, but who gives a crap.

She would have been a fun songstress too! Her and Ariel can talk that one out.

Final Fantasy Dressphere Reference

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Jessica Rabbit- Disney (-Amblin Entertainment, Silver Screen Partners III, Touchstone
Bare Form/Freelancer- Final Fantasy X-2

There have been a lot of people asking me if they can cosplay these designs, and the answer is YES! The only thing is I would appreciate credit and a link back to my gallery here, and I demand you show me all of the pictures so I can cry over them and die happily- that is all! Thank you so much!


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