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Anastasia and Drizella Goons by Skirtzzz Anastasia and Drizella Goons by Skirtzzz
I certainly could not leave these girls out! We need some baddies up in here.
These two are well suited to join ranks with the LeBlanc Syndicate (Maybe they could be Ormi and Logos' girlfriends, rofllawl).

Again, with dresspheres out of the way (officially, anyway) I feel like continuing down the Final Fantasy X/X2 road in order to include more variety and Disney gals.

Luckily, in the game, there are 3 different female goon designs- Two in the dark pink, and one in a yellow uniform- so I altered them each a bit to suit these two a bit more- changed yellow to green and altered the weapon color schemes to match the girls' original headpieces from the film. Also, removed the uniform masks so we can see their faces :3

Something a little different for the series- I hope you guys enjoy it!

Check out the rest of the series here!

Fem-Goon Reference:…
Ms.Goon Reference:…

Check out this awesome Fanfic for Machina Maw Cinderella! (also featuring the Evil Step Sister Goons!)

Goon concept- Final Fantasy X-2
Drizella and Anastasia- Cinderella, Disney


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